Why do you need a realtor in the modern real estate market?

Successful fulfillment of the “basic” duties of a realtor requires not only knowledge of laws, but also technology for conducting transactions, the ability to negotiate with contractors. And this is perhaps the main tool of a professional realtor. He always controls the situation, can predict its development. And if necessary, take action. An inexperienced person acts almost blindly.

Traditionally, it is the realtor who conducts all negotiations, organizes and conducts the transfer of an advance or deposit, agrees on the timing of the upcoming transaction, and most importantly, conducts an expert assessment of the legal purity of the upcoming transaction, and finally, organizes and conducts the transaction itself. A lot? Indeed, the volume of work is huge, especially if several transactions (alternative purchases) are made at the same time. And most of these transactions. And since all are “links of the same chain”, it is necessary to coordinate with all a lot of different nuances. Many deals break down because the parties could not agree, find a compromise solution, because everyone “pulls the blanket over himself”. Negotiating is a skill that a professional realtor owns.

Assessment of the cost of the apartment

So, turning to a realtor, the first thing he can help is to objectively evaluate your property. It is the correct assessment of real estate that helps to bring maximum profit and save time. An experienced realtor is aware of real selling prices, because often when selling the price is significantly reduced. This largely determines how competitive and interesting the price of your apartment will be for potential buyers. After all, if the cost is too high, buyers will not even consider the offer, and if the price is underestimated, then you simply lose money. The price of an apartment depends on many factors, and this is not only proximity to the city center, to the metro, but also the footage, floor, prestige of the district and the condition of the housing are important. To determine the real value of the property, realtors analyze similar real estate objects, ringing and inspecting, for example, apartments in a specific area, identifying which they are better, which have flaws, i.e. monitor the real estate market. This is a very specific and time-consuming work, however, it allows not only to really evaluate your apartment, but also to reveal its advantages for the buyer in comparison with similar options.

Real Estate Advertisement

Another important point for selling or renting a home is to advertise your property. Namely, the proper organization of an advertising campaign is the key to success in the sale of housing. In order for the information about your offer to reach the potential buyer, the advertisement must cover the largest possible audience. The agency will quickly disseminate comprehensive, reliable, well-structured information about your apartment. Hundreds of customers interested in buying an apartment will find out about your offer. The technology has been developed, channels have been established through which realtors quickly exchange exclusive information. If necessary, the company advertises your apartment in specialized newspapers and magazines, online publications and on real estate portals.

Many people think that any competent person can give advertising, especially if he is familiar with the Internet. There are many message boards published for free and why pay extra? But for your potential customer to see your ad, among the million offers and remember yours, there should be about a thousand such ads. At the same time, buyers also look for an agent to search for apartments, who, in turn, does not search for objects on the Internet.

Clean real estate transaction

Finding out the factors by which a deal can be declared invalid is a job that no one but a serious real estate agency can handle. Experienced real estate lawyers will not give the client the go-ahead to purchase an apartment until they find out the whole history of the transfer of ownership of it. There were cases when, to clarify some details, realtors searched for former homeowners, even those living abroad, as well as heirs. It is clear that the buyer himself is not able to produce such a check. Moreover, in most cases, he does not even know what to look for when getting acquainted with the documents for an apartment. Well, the price of such carelessness may be equal to the value of the purchased housing.

Settlement Security

Capital apartments cost a lot of money, so a double guarantee at this stage (of a real estate company and the bank through which the transaction is made) will not hurt. In addition, the entire settlement procedure – from depositing to receiving

documents for the apartment and keys – fraught with a lot of dangers for both the seller and the buyer. Specialists providing transaction support will help to avoid them.

Comfort and tranquility

Calm during the purchase or sale of housing is worth a lot. Therefore, clients are looking for companies that not only offer a standard list of services (“sell, exchange, settle”), but also take on additional chores: they help to collect the necessary certificates, deregister, register for a new place of residence, etc. It is worth paying attention to the fact that not all firms conscientiously fulfill their obligations to the client, and therefore the responsibility of the parties must be spelled out in an agreement with the agency. Pay attention to the experience and reputation of the company, be interested in what guarantees it provides to customers, and then you will not have to waste your nerves at every stage of a real estate transaction.

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