Is it possible to conduct a real estate transaction remotely?

Yes you can. To do this, you can draw up a power of attorney for a lawyer at the US embassy (consulate) in your country. The lawyer sends the buyer a special form of power of attorney by mail. The buyer will transfer the money to the so-called trust account of his American lawyer, from which at the end of the transaction they will be transferred to the seller.

The risks in this situation are practically reduced to zero – provided that the buyer uses the services of a licensed specialist. The lack of integrity of the transaction may lead to a lawyer losing the license, and she is very dear to her, since he will no longer be given another license for similar activities. Therefore, the buyer can be sure of the legality of the operation.

In those states where the transaction is executed through a special escro company, documents are signed at the US Embassy and sent to the escro, and money is also transferred to a special escro account, from which they are then transferred to the seller after deducting all expenses. Such a deal also has virtually no risks.

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