How to get a mortgage in the USA

n the USA there is a special banking product – a mortgage loan for foreigners. Lending conditions for each organization are different. Typically, the minimum loan amount is $ 100,000, the minimum down payment is from 30% (depending on the property), the interest rate is from 5% per annum (depends on the loan term and down payment). The loan term reaches 30 years.

List of required documents:

  • A copy of the internal passport;
  • Copy of a foreign passport;
  • Valid US visa.

Depending on the conditions of the bank, you may additionally need:

  • income confirmation;
  • tax return;
  • a letter from the accountant (if the borrower owns a share in the authorized capital of the legal entity), or from the employer (if the borrower is employed);
  • extracts from the bank account at the place of permanent residence of the borrower and from the bank account in the USA *

Contact a loan specialist. As a rule, he works with various lenders and can pick up a loan product that meets your requirements. In addition, he will calculate the maximum loan amount, select the optimal interest and loan term, taking into account your income, credit history and down payment.

You will receive an official written confirmation of the loan conditions (pre-approval letter). It is very important to first obtain such confirmation and only then begin the search for a house or apartment.

Bank confirmation of loan approval is subsequently attached to the offer to purchase.

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